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DRIVING TEST POSSIBLE QUESTIONS & ANSWERS. Question 1. What shape and colour is a warning sign? Diamond Shape - Yellow and Black. Question 2. dvlawrittentest dvla practice theory test theory gov. irish driving theory test questions and answers pdf practice theory test ireland.

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Driving Theory Test Practice Pdf

THEORY TEST QUESTIONS. SECTION 2 Overtaking drivers there is a bend to the left Signal so that other drivers can slow down. Use your. The Official DSA Theory Test Revision Papers for Car Drivers .. practice. Know Your Traffic Signs - this contains most of the signs and road markings that. Youll take the theory test on-screen in two parts. Its designed to test your knowledge of driving theory in particular, the rules of the road and best driving practice.

Take engaging mock theory tests These 17 mock tests have been written to cover every section of the Highway Code, so master all of them, and the actual theory test will seem unbelievably easy. Take the Theory Test Simulator Our most advanced preparation tool. Designed to operate just like the official theory test, it displays a new set of test questions each time you take it. Pass your official theory test Aced the mock tests and sailed through the Simulator? We write all our tests from scratch, and all the questions come straight from the Code. Up-to-the-minute precision Our tests are written using the very latest version of the Highway Code. Feels like the real thing. Because it is. Re-take the most complex questions People struggle on different sections of the test and different types of questions. It saves them and allows you to come back and keep trying until you answer them correctly. Easier to study when it's fun We try to make it easier to stay motivated and on track with our little compliments and suggestions. Our driving tests turn it into a game, keeping your interest and knowledge retention levels up. Play vs.

It will cost you nothing to take a practice test for RTA Dubai theory test. Absolutely free! Watch your diet and exercise It is usually the little things that count. Not skipping your breakfast on the day of your written knowledge test could just be your lifesaver. Most people have attention deficit when they skip a good breakfast. A 10 minutes jog, sprint or cycling will do the trick.

However, you should avoid getting fatigued when the permit test is a few hours away. Usually, cramming the night before is not the best approach to prepare for the permit test since you can easily forget as fast as you read.

Have the right attitude Surround yourself with people who are willing to help you out.

It could be friends or family members who already did the permit test a while back. If you know someone who recently did the permit test, inquire about what to expect. Good preparation will save you both time and money. Keep this safe as youll need it when you go for your practical test. This certificate is valid for two years from the date of your test. This means that you have to take and pass the practical test within this two-year period. If you dont, youll have to take and pass the theory test again before you can book your practical test.

Your practical driving test Your next step is to prepare for and take your practical driving test. Both products explain the standards required to pass the practical driving test.

They include information about each of the 24 key skills examined within the test, with tips from the experts, and they explain what the examiner is looking for during the test. The DVD also shows a test in action so that you can see what happens.

That risk is reflected in car insurance premiums. There are likely to be many driving situations that you havent experienced during your lessons. The Pass Plus scheme can help by showing you how to deal with these situations so that you can drive with confidence. Pass Plus is aimed at improving your driving skills and making you a safer driver.

It can also lead to insurance discounts. Pass Plus will take you through driving in town on rural roads in all weathers on dual carriageways and motorways in the dark. Introduction About the theory test The structured syllabus gives you the extra experience you need at a time when youre most likely to be involved in a collision. It builds on your existing skills and theres no test to take at the end. The amount of money you save on insurance could cover the cost of the course.

Many car insurers recognise the benefits of the scheme and will give you substantial discounts when you insure your car. To find out more about the Pass Plus scheme, insurance discounts and Pass Plus instructors in your area, ask your driving instructor visit www. Saving money on your car insurance should bring a smile to your face.

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These are very similar to the questions youll be asked in the test and cover the same topics. The questions are in the left-hand column with a choice of answers below. For easy reference, the questions are divided into topics. Although this isnt how youll find them in your test, its helpful if you want to look at particular subjects.

At the start of each topic, before the questions, there are a few pages of useful information to help you learn more about each topic. On the right-hand side of the page theres a brief explanation to help you understand the question. Therell also be some advice on correct driving procedures and some short references to the relevant source materials. These refer to the books listed on page The correct answers are at the back of the book, in section To help you do this, theres a short scenario at the end of each question section with five questions to answer.

This will give you an idea of how the case study part of the theory test will assess your understanding of the subject covered. This knowledge will help you with your practical skills and prepare you to become a safe and confident driver.

Introduction About the theory test Taking exams or tests is rarely a pleasant experience, but you can make your test less stressful by being confident that you have the knowledge to answer the questions correctly. Make studying more enjoyable by involving friends and relations. Take part in a question-and-answer game. Test those experienced drivers whove had their licence a while: they might learn something too!

Some of the questions in this book wont be relevant to Northern Ireland theory tests. Once youre on the road, remember what youve learnt and be prepared to keep learning. We like different foods, listen to different music and learn in different ways. This book is designed to help you learn the important information that youll need for the theory test in a variety of different formats, so you can nd a way of learning that works best for you.

Features A summary, at the start of each section, of what youll learn. All the key information presented in bitesize chunks with clear headings. Images to help you relate the information to the real world.

Start Your FREE 2019 RTA Dubai Theory Test Now

Diagrams and tables to help make information clear and summarise key points. Scan the QR code on your smart phone youll need a QR code reader app to access the online content.

Introduction About the theory test Tips containing useful extra information about driving safely. A summary, at the end of each section, of what youll need to know and be able to do to meet the National Driving Standard.

Pages for your own notes, with suggested things to think about. Ideas to discuss with your driving instructor and practise when driving. Self-assessment revision questions like the ones youll get in the test. Case studies showing how the information might work in practice, and related questions.

The theory test is just one part of the process of learning to drive. You need to learn the facts, but its important to understand how they relate to real driving.

The combination of knowing driver theory and having good practical driving skills wont only help you pass your test; it will also make you a safer driver for life. Ask yourself these questions Why are you doing this? Whats motivating you? When have you learned best in the past? What helped you to remember what you needed to know?

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a learner? Think about the way that you learn best. You could try any combination of the following ideas. I remember what I see or read I remember best when I physically do something Short study sessions Do things create models or diagrams; make lists Use props Try the interactive activities Watch and copy what your driving instructor does Mime or act out different driving moves.

I remember what I hear Create flashcards with important facts or statistics Make diagrams and charts Use mind maps Use colour coding Watch the DSA short films Make your own notes Cross-reference information using a variety of books, eg The Official Highway Code Draw your own diagrams to show key information.

Repeat rules out loud Use a voice recorder to make recordings of key information Work with others and discuss things Watch and listen to the DSA video content. Is it for independence? For work? To drive a dream car? Remind yourself, from time to time, of your motivation for learning. Dont give up! Introduction About the theory test Relate to your personal experience Information is more memorable when its linked to what you already know. Try to picture yourself in the position of the driver.

The case studies throughout the book can help you think about how the ideas would work in real life. Use mnemonics Mnemonics are little sayings, stories or techniques that help you remember something.

A classic example is Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain, which you can use to remember the colours of the rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. You can use similar techniques to memorise statistics, facts or information for your driving career. Question format However you choose to learn the content, make certain youre familiar with the format of the test and how the questions will be presented.

Go through the selfassessment questions in each chapter and see if you can answer them. Mark any you struggle with and try them again at a later date.

Plan your study Set yourself timelines and targets.

The Official DSA Theory Test for Car Drivers [PDF] 16th (2013) E_nodrm

Try to set aside dedicated time for study, when youre feeling awake and are unlikely to be interrupted. The environment in which you study is important try to find an area where you can concentrate. Getting help Think about the people you can speak with to ask questions, get advice or share experiences about driving such as your driving instructor, parents, friends or colleagues at work.

Taking your test Dont rush into the theory test before youre ready. You need to be confident with the information, and have enough practical experience to give you a deep understanding of the information too.

Highway Code Test - Free Practice Theory Tests

Section one Alertness Observation and awareness Its important to be aware of whats happening around you while youre driving, including other road users pedestrians signs and road markings weather conditions the area youre driving through. Keep scanning the road ahead and to the sides, and assess the changing situations as you drive. Before you move off, you should use your mirrors to check how your actions will affect traffic behind you look around for a final check, including checking the blind spots around your car signal, if necessary.

Make a note of the date that your MOT certificate expires. Some garages remind you that your vehicle is due an MOT but not all do. You may take your vehicle for MOT up to to one month in advance and have the certificate post dated. You are driving at night on an unlit road behind another vehicle. If you follow another vehicle with your headlights on full beam they could dazzle the driver.

Leave a safe distance and ensure that the light from your dipped beam falls short of the vehicle in front. What is the national speed limit for cars and motorcycles in the centre lane of a three- lane motorway?

Unless shown otherwise, the speed limit on a motorway applies to all the lanes. Look out for any signs of speed limit changes due to roadworks or traffic flow control. You are following a vehicle on a wet road. The safe separation gap of at least two seconds in dry conditions should be doubled in wet weather.

What does a circular traffic sign with a blue background do?

Signs with blue circles mostly give a positive instruction. These are often found in urban areas and include signs for mini-roundabouts and directional arrows.

The purpose of this road marking is to keep the junction clear of queuing traffic. You are parked on the road at night. Where must you use parking lights? When parking at night, park in the direction of the traffic.

This will enable other road users to see the reflectors on the rear of your vehicle. Use your parking lights if the speed limit is over 30 mph.

You have to treat someone for shock at the scene of an incident. Stay with the casualty and talk to them quietly and firmly to calm and reassure them. Avoid moving them unnecessarily in case they are injured. What is the right-hand lane used for on a three-lane motorway?

Why could keeping the clutch down or selecting neutral for long periods of time be dangerous? Letting your vehicle roll or coast in neutral reduces your control over steering and braking. This can be dangerous on downhill slopes where your vehicle could pick up speed very quickly. You are about to go down a steep hill. When going down a steep hill your vehicle will speed up.

This will make it more difficult for you to stop. Select a lower gear to give you more engine braking and control. Use this in combination with careful use of the brakes. Your vehicle has broken down on a motorway. You are not able to stop on the hard shoulder. Leave your vehicle only when you can safely get clear of the carriageway.

Do not try to repair the vehicle or attempt to place any warning device on the carriageway. Where would you see these road markings? When driving on a motorway or slip road, you must not enter into an area marked with chevrons and bordered by a solid white line for any reason, except in an emergency. Would you like free study reminders?

We'll email you a different practice test every day for two weeks to help you ace your test. Yes please, and I consent to my submitted data being collected and stored. No thanks.

Theory test: cars

No driving license Provisional license holder Full license holder. Rate this test. Mock theory test Need another challenge? Try another 30 questions from across the highway code. Take the test.